Inner silence.

How often do you speak with your inner voice? Once in a while? Every day? All the time? Mine just won’t shut up! There is no privacy in my head. It asks me cunning questions, it shows me what I don’t want to see about myself, it soothes me when I upset or makes me even more upset, and it laughs like a crazy evil professor trying to enslave the world. You would say it is just mine subconscious so I am simply talking to myself. Well, one might agree, but if you try and peep inside my head, you would never again ponder over the question if subconscious is a part of one self: it isn’t, I promise.

I was very irritated with my inner voice lately. It was annoying more than usual, so a couple of days ago I wished it to go away for the 3588th time. I don’t know what was different that time, but the voice actually left me alone. No, ALONE. For the whole day there was not a though, not a word, not a move inside my head. It was scary and fascinating at the same time. I felt like I was outside, pushed out on to my skin: sounds were louder, colors brighter, people’s faces clearer. The world looked as if someone took a plastic from the monitor or photo shopped the picture.

My inner castle was gone, there were no inner space at all. What did you say? I am crazy? Totally, man, totally! Did you expect anything else from a baby dragon?

Thankfully, after sleeping off and watching funny series with Mom for the whole weekend, I am getting back to normal. Anything unusual in your life?

Siberian chronicles

As you already know, I am in Siberia now, Novosibirsk to be exact. I thought it is a temporary home for me as we were going to move to a warmer place this summer, but it seems that life has another plan for Mom and me, so we are rooting here, I guess.
Novosibirsk is a big and beautiful city, I have the best ever vet doctor here, Mom spends a lot of time with me and everything is fine. Except one thing: the weather. The weather is unpredictable here and not at all as warm as I am used to.
At first, when we got here last spring, I was not happy that I can’t go out for a walk. But spring was very short last year and the warm weather came rather quickly. That time we have stayed here only for a couple of months. When we came back here last autumn, I thought that the cold weather will go away soon as before. But I was badly mistaken…it was getting colder and colder. And then it became so cold that I couldn’t go out even for a couple of minutes in my Mom’s arms.
Now that it is summer here, Mom has to compensate me time outside for the whole winter period, so I take her for a walk 3 to 4 times a day.

I’m learning to love this place and always looking up for new adventures!