Have you ever been so confused in your life, that you did not know what you feel? You are close to someone and yet far, you look at each other and hit, instead of kissing, because you are afraid to admit what is going on; you look at her and have no idea why this creature is so important to you, but you feel it in your guts, and ready to forgive all those bites, sudden jumps and hogging all the attention some times. I still won’t let her steal my treats or deprive me of my naps, but I like when she misses me, you know. Whenever I leave home, even for 5 mins, I come back to a yelling little monster who starts purring to Mom and jumping at me simultaneously. She can’t be alone at all. You know what warms my heart most of all, she is purring to Mom, but she switches to me instantly and chooses to go play with me, not stay and have some girl time with Mom.

I never could imagine I’d love someone except for Mom. But now, I’m afraid, I do. Having Kleo back with us made me realize how much I love this little ball of fur with a fire under her tail. Mom thinks Pixie chose her over Kleo and started following her around when she was not even a months old yet, but we all know who she chose to be with, right?

Still, I am confused about it, can’t grasp the moment when I turned from hating all the other cats to loving one.

No outrunning our fate

No outrunning our fate,

No shielding life with bare hands,

No making eras change their gait,

No seeing where a childhood spans.


Protect the kingdom of your dreams

And make the time to slow its pace.

Set free forever your heart’s screams,

Come first among your foes in race.


Restore the meaning of your life.

Provide your army with a faith.

Ignite the eyes of Love with strife.

Imagine that you live in grace.


Rewrite the code of happiness.

Reshape the fabric of the worlds.

Reduce the feelings’ timidness.

Release anew the book of odds.


Without stirring tears’ load,

Nor picking up old dust from soul,

Remain yourself and face your bode,

Stop playing hide and seek in whole.

Bathroom patrol


Do you all love your bathrooms as we love ours? Something is special about that place, right? I guess it’s the running water. The beauty of sparkling drops fascinated me when I was little. I would sit and watch them running down the walls after Mom took a shower. I have been spending at least one third of the day in the four walls of out bathroom imagining it is a whole kingdom and it’s mine! Pixie is fascinated with water too. She drinks from a tap, she catches water drops with her face and paws, and she lays in the bathtub while Mom washing her face or getting ready for work. But most of all she likes to sit on the side of a bathtub and catch Mom’s feet through the bath foam while Mom is taking a bath. It’s all about the bath here! Is it the same at your place?

Inner silence.

How often do you speak with your inner voice? Once in a while? Every day? All the time? Mine just won’t shut up! There is no privacy in my head. It asks me cunning questions, it shows me what I don’t want to see about myself, it soothes me when I upset or makes me even more upset, and it laughs like a crazy evil professor trying to enslave the world. You would say it is just mine subconscious so I am simply talking to myself. Well, one might agree, but if you try and peep inside my head, you would never again ponder over the question if subconscious is a part of one self: it isn’t, I promise.

I was very irritated with my inner voice lately. It was annoying more than usual, so a couple of days ago I wished it to go away for the 3588th time. I don’t know what was different that time, but the voice actually left me alone. No, ALONE. For the whole day there was not a though, not a word, not a move inside my head. It was scary and fascinating at the same time. I felt like I was outside, pushed out on to my skin: sounds were louder, colors brighter, people’s faces clearer. The world looked as if someone took a plastic from the monitor or photo shopped the picture.

My inner castle was gone, there were no inner space at all. What did you say? I am crazy? Totally, man, totally! Did you expect anything else from a baby dragon?

Thankfully, after sleeping off and watching funny series with Mom for the whole weekend, I am getting back to normal. Anything unusual in your life?


How often are you filled with doubts? I am fighting them all the time, but they are still taking over. Yesterday Pixie decided to run up Mom’s back for no reason. Mom jumped up, yelling…she says she is in pain and asked me to explain to Pixie that she shouldn’t do it again. I watched her carefully, came closer and froze hesitantly. Then I reached Mom’s foot and bit her so she wouldn’t put her parental responsibility on me! I am a fun brother to Pixie and not her second parent!

Tonight I was in doubts again when Mom woke up at night and caressed me gently…I was considering going back too sleep, but then I bit and bunny hopped Mom’s hand and demanded her to take me out at 2 a.m. Yep! I felt like having a walk! Mom’s problems that she had to wake up at 6 and go to work… her first and most important job is to take care of me, right? But she didn’t go out. She tried to hide under the pillow from me…One and a half hour later I gave up and left her alone. But I had some fun in the process 😸😸😸 why being a cat if you don’t have a little fun every day?)

Airports and airplanes

I’ve been to several airports in my life and I have explored them all. In Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok every staff member and passenger of our plane was eager to get to know me, but I was overwhelmed with the amount of people, and after a short walk I decided that my cage was not for keeping me in, but for keeping me safe and I hid inside.

Every time Mom would take me out to pass the scanner or another checkpoint, I’d hold on to her shoulder so hard that would leave marks on it even though my claws were cut before we hit the road.
The staff there checked my papers carefully. Two times for some reason. This is a huge airport with me being not the first cat to fly out for sure, the airport staff was a bit confused and not sure about the papers and rules. But still after rechecking everything the man informed every checking point that there is a cat traveling so they were waiting for us and were very helpful.

It was the longest flight in my life yet: Bangkok- Moscow – Chisinau. I am fine in the plane, but very eager to leave the cage once we are outside, so transit time is the hardest period of every trip.
It is strange that in Russia no one really cares about animals traveling and their documents. You have to spend lot of time and nerves to get them, but no one asks them in the airport. For the first time we arrived to Russia Mom would ask everyone who she needs to show them to. Everyone was surprised and the animal service officer was not pleased that we woke him up when we finally found their office. I didn’t like Domodedovo (airport of Moscow) at all. It is very big and we had to run far every time to show the documents to the vet service that was not happy we are law abiding passengers…

In the nameless airport of Chisinau we were met by the officer at arrival and had to pay a special fee for my entrance to the country and one more strange fee for me to leave it. You have to pay every step of the way there. Even documents for departure are made in three different places with three more times to pay than in the other counties I have been to.

In the Tolmochevo, airport of Novosibirsk Mom would ask again and again who to show my documents to upon arrival. But the place where the animals should be checked was empty and no one seemed to care. One lady officer was standing at the exit and watching Mom running around. Finally, she asked Mom: Is your cat well? Mom said: – Yes, we have all the documents needed and a couple additional to prove that, – she prepared to open a folder with my docs and to show her my passport with all the shots noted, microchip certificate and traveling health certificates. But the tired woman shook her head:
– Go then. It’s fine.
But Mom just kept staying there. She is always so worried that I might have problems with documents and may be taken away from her and put in quarantine or something, so she checks everything 10 times before she could breathe normally.
– Don’t you need to put some stamp on the documents? Will there be any problems for us later, when we travel again if you won’t? – she narrowed her eyes.
-It’s gonna be fine. Just go already. – the woman smiled.
M9m shook her head thinking that there are no guarantees in Russia that you will meet no problems even if you do everything right. One official says one thing, the other says different and it is always your fault…
Still she took me and walked away. We also were pretty tired. This is the only airport where I had no walk so far. It is small and usually crowded, no safe corners like in Moscow, where I made some friends checking out every small shop with snacks and newspapers.

My eating routine

As the only source of food I know is the Mom’s hands, I am not only picky about my food, but I also prefer her to feed me. I have a strict breakfast ritual and some important food related routines too.
In the morning I have to go for a short walk: to eat some grass or watch birds sitting on Mother’s shoulder. If the weather is not nice, checking out the corridors of our building will be fine too. It is my territory and I have to take care of it first thing before I can take care of myself.
After a walk, I am ready for my breakfast. The chicken tastes better if a bit warm, not dry (with broth) and eaten from the Mom’s hand, of course.
If Mom is away, I have no problem in eating myself, but if she is at home, I can sit beside her for a long time, asking to feed me. In such moments I become nice and tender, I rub on her feet, I sit and wait timidly when she has time to make a pause in her work and go feed me. But she better not wait for too long or I will get sad and hide behind the couch to sleep alone.
The least she can do is to sit beside me, stroking and rubbing me. But sometimes I need her to do all that and hold my chicken in her palm too, or ask me to eat several times, while I am deciding if I am going to eat right meow or 5 minutes later, or just sit near me and do nothing.
I eat several times a day by small portions. Mostly during my midday nap. I wake up every other hour, run purring to Mom and we go to get me a couple of pieces of chicken so I can sleep again till my inside alarm clock tells me to do it all over again.

Dieting tips not to follow

Since I am a crazy catman, I have some interesting food-related habits.

First of all, it is difficult to find what I would be interested in eating. It is mostly boiled chicken breast (of a good quality, of course, there is only one shop in our big city I will eat my chicken from), and it must be cut into pieces before cooked, not otherwise…I don’t like the texture of meat in other case and just would better stay hungry than eat it. Mom tried giving me raw meat, different kinds of meat and fish too, but I’m a poultry guy, I guess.

As for the cat food, Mom is grateful that I agreed to eat Hills for cats with gastrointestinal issues. Most cats do not like it, but I am fine with it for some reason, although I’ve rejected many other kinds of best quality cat food before. As for cans – nope, not for me either.

Lately we have discovered two types of treats I like and this helps Mom getting me home from walks as she gives me a bit of my favourite cat sausage when we are back. Mom checked everything that can be found in the city and my cousin – grandparent’s cat was happy to be getting them all, until we discovered Edelcat treats. I am not sharing them with anyone, no-no-no!

What’s the fuss about the red dot?


I’ve heard a lot about the legendary red dot, I’ve even watched some videos of cats playing with it, but I got hold of one only recently.
Mom was so excited when she brought one home. She tested it on my grandparents’ and my Uncle’s cats and they loved it. Yumi, the Uncle’s cat is young and not very educated, so she was fascinated about it. Kovalsky, the big and majestic cat of my grandparents is older and wiser, but still he played with it for a while. But me…well, I looked at Mom’s hand holding the thing that was shining with red light in the middle. I came and touched it: plastic, my favorite size – easy to chew! And I said: can I try it, please? Mom shook her head and said: play with the red dot! I looked around and saw what she was pointing me at.
It was it- the famous red dot! I grabbed it right away! But imagine my disappointment, when I realized it is not real! You can’t touch it, you can’t catch it…so what’s the reason to try to?
I turned my surprised face at Mom and told her it was a bad joke. Then I came and took that plastic thing from her hand to calm myself with chewing it. But it was not tasty at all, so I left it in a couple of minutes and called Mom to go for an extra walk. I needed it bad that day.
So can you, guys, tell me what’s the fuss about this red dot if it ain’t real at all???

Mom is not very good at cleaning my litter box

I am a very clean boy since I remember my self. When I started walking, it was difficult to teach me to use my litter box, because every time I need to go, I needed a new and clean place. So Mom was running around and cleaning all corners of our apartment after me constantly. I just would not go to the litter box. After a month of daily training, her stubbornness overcame me finally and I got used to go to my litter box.

Anyway, calling it litter box is not right, because I would not accept any kind of litter too. The box must be empty, shining clean and I would even prefer it to smell like fragrant soap, and than I might use it.  So I need my box to be cleaned after every time I go there and Mom is not very good at it, you know. Even if she is home and manage to track down all my movements considering this question, she is not always meticulous enough while cleaning it. But it’s a different case with the bathtub. It is easier to clean and it is bigger.

That is why I use bathtub for everything I need: relaxing, playing, bathing and doing my toilet business too. She manages to keep the bathtub clean. But if she is not home for a long time, I still have my litter box as an emergency solution.

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