Inner silence.

How often do you speak with your inner voice? Once in a while? Every day? All the time? Mine just won’t shut up! There is no privacy in my head. It asks me cunning questions, it shows me what I don’t want to see about myself, it soothes me when I upset or makes me even more upset, and it laughs like a crazy evil professor trying to enslave the world. You would say it is just mine subconscious so I am simply talking to myself. Well, one might agree, but if you try and peep inside my head, you would never again ponder over the question if subconscious is a part of one self: it isn’t, I promise.

I was very irritated with my inner voice lately. It was annoying more than usual, so a couple of days ago I wished it to go away for the 3588th time. I don’t know what was different that time, but the voice actually left me alone. No, ALONE. For the whole day there was not a though, not a word, not a move inside my head. It was scary and fascinating at the same time. I felt like I was outside, pushed out on to my skin: sounds were louder, colors brighter, people’s faces clearer. The world looked as if someone took a plastic from the monitor or photo shopped the picture.

My inner castle was gone, there were no inner space at all. What did you say? I am crazy? Totally, man, totally! Did you expect anything else from a baby dragon?

Thankfully, after sleeping off and watching funny series with Mom for the whole weekend, I am getting back to normal. Anything unusual in your life?

Silver Mouse – the curse breaker.


I am not sure if I am bragging too early, but it seems like Pixie is a little fairy after all. Those who know me for a while, remember that I was not be touched by anyone. Last Summer I risked my life running away from Mom on the street when I thought it was not her who touched me. I ripped my harness off, tore Mom’s hands severely and ran home crossing two roads…
When someone would approach me with a kid, I would start shaking or roaring. If someone other than Mom would touch me, I could have hit with my paw or bite through the hand…
Now, having a stable life, Mom’s friend Kris living with us for almost a year now and Kleo with babies for over 4 months changed me, made me calmer and more confident. But having Pixie the Smiling kitten (Pixie Pie, Pixie the Sweet Paw, Pixie Crazy Pants, Pixie the Silver Mouse and so on and so forth) changed me so much Mom can barely recognize me.
I am old Mr. Grumpy, of course, and I am still a crazy Dragon baby, but I am much sweeter to Mom, my health is more stable and the most surprising thing is, I LOVE people now. Yes, yes, you heard me right. Every man/woman/kid I see outside of my apartment is my friend. I ran to a human to greet him and I smell him and bump him with my head and rub on his legs. Nothing will make me happier if a neighbor lets me in to his home to explore…Happy days like this I cherish. Last week Mom was shocked when a lady that came to see someone in our block lifted me up thinking I am running away from Mom and guess what I did? I purred to her!!! Well, to make a long story short, look at the pics. This is me being held by Mom’s friend Kris, who has been living with us for 8 months before I let her touch me for the first time.

Now she is even aloud to pet me and hold me from time to time. I sat on her lap recently so she could rub my face…Mom never thought it was possible. Now she is daring to dream that Pixie and I will become cuddle buddies one day!

Do you agree that Pixie has magic in her?

Airports and airplanes

I’ve been to several airports in my life and I have explored them all. In Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok every staff member and passenger of our plane was eager to get to know me, but I was overwhelmed with the amount of people, and after a short walk I decided that my cage was not for keeping me in, but for keeping me safe and I hid inside.

Every time Mom would take me out to pass the scanner or another checkpoint, I’d hold on to her shoulder so hard that would leave marks on it even though my claws were cut before we hit the road.
The staff there checked my papers carefully. Two times for some reason. This is a huge airport with me being not the first cat to fly out for sure, the airport staff was a bit confused and not sure about the papers and rules. But still after rechecking everything the man informed every checking point that there is a cat traveling so they were waiting for us and were very helpful.

It was the longest flight in my life yet: Bangkok- Moscow – Chisinau. I am fine in the plane, but very eager to leave the cage once we are outside, so transit time is the hardest period of every trip.
It is strange that in Russia no one really cares about animals traveling and their documents. You have to spend lot of time and nerves to get them, but no one asks them in the airport. For the first time we arrived to Russia Mom would ask everyone who she needs to show them to. Everyone was surprised and the animal service officer was not pleased that we woke him up when we finally found their office. I didn’t like Domodedovo (airport of Moscow) at all. It is very big and we had to run far every time to show the documents to the vet service that was not happy we are law abiding passengers…

In the nameless airport of Chisinau we were met by the officer at arrival and had to pay a special fee for my entrance to the country and one more strange fee for me to leave it. You have to pay every step of the way there. Even documents for departure are made in three different places with three more times to pay than in the other counties I have been to.

In the Tolmochevo, airport of Novosibirsk Mom would ask again and again who to show my documents to upon arrival. But the place where the animals should be checked was empty and no one seemed to care. One lady officer was standing at the exit and watching Mom running around. Finally, she asked Mom: Is your cat well? Mom said: – Yes, we have all the documents needed and a couple additional to prove that, – she prepared to open a folder with my docs and to show her my passport with all the shots noted, microchip certificate and traveling health certificates. But the tired woman shook her head:
– Go then. It’s fine.
But Mom just kept staying there. She is always so worried that I might have problems with documents and may be taken away from her and put in quarantine or something, so she checks everything 10 times before she could breathe normally.
– Don’t you need to put some stamp on the documents? Will there be any problems for us later, when we travel again if you won’t? – she narrowed her eyes.
-It’s gonna be fine. Just go already. – the woman smiled.
M9m shook her head thinking that there are no guarantees in Russia that you will meet no problems even if you do everything right. One official says one thing, the other says different and it is always your fault…
Still she took me and walked away. We also were pretty tired. This is the only airport where I had no walk so far. It is small and usually crowded, no safe corners like in Moscow, where I made some friends checking out every small shop with snacks and newspapers.

Dieting tips not to follow

Since I am a crazy catman, I have some interesting food-related habits.

First of all, it is difficult to find what I would be interested in eating. It is mostly boiled chicken breast (of a good quality, of course, there is only one shop in our big city I will eat my chicken from), and it must be cut into pieces before cooked, not otherwise…I don’t like the texture of meat in other case and just would better stay hungry than eat it. Mom tried giving me raw meat, different kinds of meat and fish too, but I’m a poultry guy, I guess.

As for the cat food, Mom is grateful that I agreed to eat Hills for cats with gastrointestinal issues. Most cats do not like it, but I am fine with it for some reason, although I’ve rejected many other kinds of best quality cat food before. As for cans – nope, not for me either.

Lately we have discovered two types of treats I like and this helps Mom getting me home from walks as she gives me a bit of my favourite cat sausage when we are back. Mom checked everything that can be found in the city and my cousin – grandparent’s cat was happy to be getting them all, until we discovered Edelcat treats. I am not sharing them with anyone, no-no-no!

When you are facing a hurricane, there is no way back

Mom says that when she took me in her arms for the first time, she was almost paralyzed with fear and uncertainty. No vets in the town, no vetmeds, no proper cat food, no knowledge on how to raise a newly born kitten without a cat-mother…

To adopt such a tiny creature in those conditions was to face a hurricane. You cannot give up and turn back without losing the precious thing that popped up in your life on the Christmas eve as if a real miracle. To go out to a safer place, you need to go straight to the heart of the hurricane and pierce it through without blinking even once.

Every time when she thought there was no way of getting out of it; that there was nothing more she could do for me; that I was not going to survive…every time she was ready to put her hands down, she would look at me, see once again how much I enjoyed life, how I was happy playing with a tiny dust spec swishing in the air or with a simple paper ball. She would clench her teeth and tiny fists, and tell me: you are the Super Boy and I am the Super Mom, and we CAN make it!

Even when she didn’t know what to do next to make it happen…

Whatever hurricane you might be facing now, never let yourself think that there is something you can’t do. The mighty Super lives in every one of us. You just need to wake him or her up!

Hide and seek

I love to play hide and seek in the corridors of our apartment building. Sometimes, when Mom’s a bit slow in entering home or leaving it, and I am having a crazy mood, I would dash out and ran away as fast as I can, hiding from Mom. Sometimes I’d go up to the fifth floor and sit there waiting for her to catch up with me. Or I would go down and hide behind one of the entrance doors, waiting for her to find me.

The trick is not only to hide, but not to get caught as well. I love giving Mom some extra exercise, making her run up and down or down and up several times. She thanks God that we live in the small building that has just five floors and no lift, so it is safer for me and easier to catch me on those crazy days.

I am the pills spitting out Master!

I am getting sick rather often. My vet doctor (who is impossibly great, by the way) misses us when we don’t call him for more than a month. He calls me Skotiniaka, which means that I am the trouble manufacturer. He treats us like some kind of relatives already. And I consider him my God father, because his advise literary saved me when I was very little and he is saving my Mom’s nerves a lot since we moved to Novosibirsk.
So as a result of having such crazy health and crazy character I am not well and have to take different pills pretty often (I know I am repeating myself))).

Moreover, I have to take a double dose of vitamins every day, because if I don’t I start eating cloths to cover their insufficiency and that is dangerous…

Having more than 2 years of practice, I became a pill spitting out Master. Mom is really good at giving me medicine, so I have to create new and new ways to cheat her all the time.
I hide pills under my tongue, or between my teeth and the cheek, I even learned how to spit it out when it is being put directly in my throat… I sit still, take the capsule, wait until Mom stops rubbing my throat for me to swallow, listen to the kind words she is saying about how good I am and then spit it out.
I can go like this several times in a row. Mom tries to persuade me that taking medicine or vitamins right away will be easier for everyone, so I don’t have to go through this unpleasant event several times. But she does not understand that it became a sport to me and I am going on a record every time!

Geckos’ tails

As you know, I am from Cambodia. And Cambodia is the land of sweet little lizards, geckos. I love them. No, I LOOOVE them… Mom says that it is the wrong kind of love, because I love to hunt them. But I even dream about them sometimes, what is it if not love?))

They were not only outside and on the walls of our apartment buildings hunting countless types of insects in the evening, but they were also inside our place. I used to sing my hunting song and drive Mom crazy trying to get these tiny fast as hell creatures. Sometimes I was faster or cleverer and managed to catch them.

Mom tried to save my prey every time and most of days I was left with franticly jerking gecko’s tail in my mouth. Oh, sweet sugary tails. These were happy times! I would play with my trophy for hours!)))

Now that we are far from Asia, I miss geckos  so much. Anyway, we found the solution! There are some plain thin hairbands that I steal from Mom here and there. One day my favorite hairband snapped and turned into a gecko’s tail! Almost as real and sweet as original ones.

Now you can find me in a bathtub with this improvised toy or hiding it in some secret places all over the apartment (I have many secret places where I hide my toys from Mom). And there is no happier kitty in the whole world, when I imagine myself a conqueror of the geckos’ king, leaving me his long squishy tail as a sign of my superiority as a hunter.

We are a team!

As you all probably already know, my Mom and me we are a great team. We do everything together.
I wake her up every morning and Mom gives me my massage by my personal huge brush. Then I follow her to our bathroom and watch her do her toilet so I know she looks good. Only after that I take care of my own toilet.

While she is preparing our breakfasts and vitamins, I usually play, but I do not forget to remind her every 3 minutes about my morning walk. I have to hunt before I will be able to eat, I just have to at least walk out and check if everything’s fine in our building.
Not only we do this together, we also play, read, walk (several times a day!) sleep and fight every day with each other. Moreover, I control Mom’s workouts and make her have regular brakes in her workflow.
One of the most important things for us is helping each other out in our nightmares. I have them from time to time. I wish I remember what they are about. Mom says sometimes I moan as a human and she gets scared. She wakes me up tenderly every time she sees or feels me having a bad dream and I thank her with loud purring. And I am there for her too. She calls me the guardian of her dreams as she has strange dreams all the time and I am often there with her no matter where she goes. I have to take care of her no less than she has to take care of me. I guess that makes us a good team.

I am the Prince of Persia

My favorite game of all is when Mom is playing with me in Prince of Persia game, where I am the Prince, of course, and she is some big bad guy chasing me.
I love to dive behind the couch and attack her from behind, while she is looking for me in another direction. And I love fighting her hand searching for me behind the bed, imagining it is to be a great snake or another monster.
I love hiding from her under one of my boxes and watching her pretending not to notice me and that jumping from under it at her.
I love running around and hitting her legs by my paws, inviting her to chase me.
I don’t like but some times I have to bite her leg slightly, demanding her attention when I want to play, but she is kinda busy…I know there is nothing more important to her than me being happy, so why not just drop of everything and play with me, when I want, huh?
What are your favorite games?