No outrunning our fate

No outrunning our fate,

No shielding life with bare hands,

No making eras change their gait,

No seeing where a childhood spans.


Protect the kingdom of your dreams

And make the time to slow its pace.

Set free forever your heart’s screams,

Come first among your foes in race.


Restore the meaning of your life.

Provide your army with a faith.

Ignite the eyes of Love with strife.

Imagine that you live in grace.


Rewrite the code of happiness.

Reshape the fabric of the worlds.

Reduce the feelings’ timidness.

Release anew the book of odds.


Without stirring tears’ load,

Nor picking up old dust from soul,

Remain yourself and face your bode,

Stop playing hide and seek in whole.

The black cat is looking through the window

My Mom wrote several poems about me. Here’s the translation of one of them:

The black cat is looking through the window,

A crooked tail and whiskers side by side;

A chocolate bit, a handful of snow,

Guide to his soul is the gold of his eyes.


Warden of dreams and my under-the-bed charm,

The cold of his nose will banish my grief.

My catodog, he’s my merriment realm,

Coming for you land of dreams I will leave.


The black cat is looking through the window,

Having windowsill, we need no TV.

The silk glow and the track of razor-claws,

Every night and day are filled with your teasing.


And this is the original text in Russian.

Черная кошка смотрит в окошко
Хвост крючком, в растопырку усы,
Снега горсть, шоколада немножко.
Золото глаз – это сущность души.

Страж моих снов, оберег закроватья
Носом холодным прогонит беду.
Мой котопес, моя порция счастья,-
Сквозь ткань миров за тобою приду.

Черная кошка смотрит в окошко,
Телевизоры нам не нужны.
Шелка блеск, когтей острых дорожка,
День и ночь твоей сказкой полны.