Paws against terror

If you’re scared and you know it, clap your hands.
If you’re scared and you know it, but don’t really want to show it… if you’re scared and you know it, clap your hands…
Is it a funny song or not? Mom said she saw a lot scared gloomy people in the underground today. Everyone has his own mechanism to hide his/her vulnerability. Mom is smiling. To almost everything…she embraced a complicated smiling system Thai people use not to disclose their feelings. They have 13 types of smiles. It seems that Mom has even more sometimes. I wish she had only one – the happy smile.
We are far from St. Petersburg and Moscow, but we live in the third populated city in Russia and many things are getting scary here lately as in any other big city in the world. Like taking an underground, going out during important holidays, being in a crowd or taking a plane.
It is normally scary for introverted people as well as cats, I believe, but every year it becomes more and more dangerous due to acts of terror. Terrible, pointless, inhumane. I know, I am just a catman, but maybe my human friends could explain why someone would blow up innocent people, crush a plane into a building or start a war? I am not able to grasp the idea. Maybe those people know another God, who is NOT Love? In my world the answer to everything is Love or at least 42…but not this.
I’ve noticed that I am using word “inhumane” to describe actions of humans more and more often. Humans, please, be humans! It is more difficult than being robots or animals, but it worth it, believe one tiny wolverine cub who made a great effort to become a true catman.
My paws are against terror! Join me, my furriends! Raise your paws too!
#pawsagainstterror #pawsforpeace

It is hard to be a human

It is hard to be a human. Why or why I am not a dog or a normal cat? They can do many things and be forgiven; and I have so many restrictions I am tired of. Just listen to this:
– I can’t climb a tree too high, because Ma does not trust me to go down properly. Once I’ve made a mistake of climbing to the top and falling from a small brunch. Once! I can’t be judged by one mistake till the rest of my life, can I?
– I can’t bite my Mom’s legs. She says that all the time, but I not always listen, of course. If you truly want something, it’s worth trying, right?
– I can’t go for a walk without a leash, because I have to walk my Mom. She’s chicken and afraid of everything: cats and dogs, children and cars, some humans or getting lost. So even if she lets go of the leash, I never ran too far from her. I have to look back all the time to check if she’s ok.
– I have to put up with other people staying with us from time to time and not bite, hit or yell at them. I don’t like it, but I have to do it for Mom as well.
– I have to wear clothes often. Because of the weather mostly, but still I am trying to evade it every time Mom says I need a sweater. If I want to go out, have to be dressed like everyone else, I guess.
– I have to be polite and greet people I know and like. To tell you the truth, most I just tolerate, but sometimes also greet them to make Mom happy and proud of me. I like when she says that I am a good boy and scratches my back.
-I have to understand many words, but most of all “no” and “danger”. I try to argue with Mom that I know better or that I am very curious about the thing. But she never listens. I bet that means she’s not as smart and grown up as I am.
– the worst thing of all is Mom going away all the time. I miss her even in my sleep and I tend to sleep near the door waiting for her to come back, so I can meet her and tell her how I feel right away.