Have you ever been so confused in your life, that you did not know what you feel? You are close to someone and yet far, you look at each other and hit, instead of kissing, because you are afraid to admit what is going on; you look at her and have no idea why this creature is so important to you, but you feel it in your guts, and ready to forgive all those bites, sudden jumps and hogging all the attention some times. I still won’t let her steal my treats or deprive me of my naps, but I like when she misses me, you know. Whenever I leave home, even for 5 mins, I come back to a yelling little monster who starts purring to Mom and jumping at me simultaneously. She can’t be alone at all. You know what warms my heart most of all, she is purring to Mom, but she switches to me instantly and chooses to go play with me, not stay and have some girl time with Mom.

I never could imagine I’d love someone except for Mom. But now, I’m afraid, I do. Having Kleo back with us made me realize how much I love this little ball of fur with a fire under her tail. Mom thinks Pixie chose her over Kleo and started following her around when she was not even a months old yet, but we all know who she chose to be with, right?

Still, I am confused about it, can’t grasp the moment when I turned from hating all the other cats to loving one.

What’s the fuss about the red dot?


I’ve heard a lot about the legendary red dot, I’ve even watched some videos of cats playing with it, but I got hold of one only recently.
Mom was so excited when she brought one home. She tested it on my grandparents’ and my Uncle’s cats and they loved it. Yumi, the Uncle’s cat is young and not very educated, so she was fascinated about it. Kovalsky, the big and majestic cat of my grandparents is older and wiser, but still he played with it for a while. But me…well, I looked at Mom’s hand holding the thing that was shining with red light in the middle. I came and touched it: plastic, my favorite size – easy to chew! And I said: can I try it, please? Mom shook her head and said: play with the red dot! I looked around and saw what she was pointing me at.
It was it- the famous red dot! I grabbed it right away! But imagine my disappointment, when I realized it is not real! You can’t touch it, you can’t catch it…so what’s the reason to try to?
I turned my surprised face at Mom and told her it was a bad joke. Then I came and took that plastic thing from her hand to calm myself with chewing it. But it was not tasty at all, so I left it in a couple of minutes and called Mom to go for an extra walk. I needed it bad that day.
So can you, guys, tell me what’s the fuss about this red dot if it ain’t real at all???