Everyone knows what a difficult choice is. It is a choice which you don’t want to see; a choice you think you can’t handle; a choice you don’t want to make.
If you finally take a deep breath and a step forward, you might find yourself in different situations:

– relief;

– regret;

– being unsure;

– trying to persuade yourself you took the right path on the crossroads you just left.

But no matter how you feel, making this choice changes you. Is it a good thing? Is it a bad thing? For you to decide. Are you ready to choose?

Happiness in small things

I know I am a complicated personality, I can be a cute little bunny, a funny guy, a playful mischief or mr.Grumpy, an angry panther and a furious baby dragon in one day, but overall I am a happy catman.

I am finding happiness in small things like: Mom coming back from home, going out and bathing in the dust or sitting in the sun, playing with my little sis, having my chicken, hunting paperballs, or fetching mr. Pinkey. There are so many bad things around, but if you concentrate on them, you won’t see the good things you have every day.

So I close one eye from time to time to see the world brighter and better. And what do you see?

Your choice

Life is a series of new experience: even the same action we perform daily is slightly different each time. What we learn forms us, but we are lucky enough to have a choice – we can choose what we learn, because we can choose what we see in life.
Who do you choose to be? What life do you choose to live? Are you happy or not where you are?
Taking responsibility for your actions, life and happiness is not easy, blaming the rest of the world is much simpler. But the day you step up for yourself will change your life forever. Maybe today is the day to finally do this?
P.S. The most difficult part of is that you have to make this choice every day for it to work. Right?