The under-the-table monster


Do you believe in monsters? No? So do I. I don’t believe in them, I know they exist. Because we have one in our apartment. It is not the usual under-the-bed monster, it is an under-the-table one.
Once a week it emerges out of his hiding place and Mom has to wrestle him! He roars and he breathes out fumes of hot air, and he’s got a longest nose I ever seen like those elephants Mom told me about. Mom wins every time and it goes silent and pretends dead till the next week. (I know, I am checking him every time).
I am not afraid of him, of course, but I understand that monsters are dangerous, so I watch the fight and wait if Mom needs my help. But she is strong so I can trust her here.
Pixie is not sure yet how to react when she sees our monster, but she looks at me and tries to stay calm though I see that she is scared. She is brave and smart, I guess, she’ll learn to trust Mom too.

Do you have any monsters at your home?


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