My trust issues

Mom says my grandparents love me very much. They helped us greatly while we were in Cambodia and Thailand. They’ve been sending us loads of medicine every month. And they are helping us now too. Especially Grandpa. You know, I like him, but do not trust him, because he doesn’t understand me. He treats me as if I am a silly puppy and he expects me to be happy about it. He was visiting a lot while helping us with renovation works and I got used to him. Every time he comes, I will greet him, smell his feet and rub on them, then smell his hands and… what happens next is a mystery: most of days I’d hit him with my paw and go away showing with all my body that I do not favor him today, the less often situation is I let him touch me. Even I don’t know how I will react, Granddad’s smell changes and sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t. But we have a problem with him anyway: he never listens Mom when she asks him not to do something with me/to me/ in my presence. I have many rules, because many things can freak me out. But he wants me to be a normal cat and every time he would say: he’ll get used to it. Well, if you know me, you know the answer. Even our vet told him I will not get used to be touched when I don’t want to, I will not get used to be played with like a puppy; I will not get used to standard cat food….I have my rules and they are to be followed if you wish me well. But it didn’t help either…so we are still on a shaky ground with him.

As for my grandma. She loves me from a distance. She would like me to like her and play with her and purr to her, but she never tried forcing me to do that. I am grateful for that. When Grandma visit us, she mostly talks to Mom and doesn’t make loud noises or aggressive moves, so I feel comfortable around her. But I am still not friendly with her. Mom would love me to make friends with her Mom, but I guess Grandma has to visit more often for me to do that. I find it difficult to trust people after my Step-Dad left us. Mom is the only constant thing in my life, so I am afraid to get attached to others.


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