The talent to enjoy small things

Mom says I have many talents. I am not sure they all truly exist though as she has a wild imagination. She also loves me too much and sees more than I am sometimes. Well, it happens that pretty often after a while what she sees in me becomes real. Mom’s magic, I suppose.

She says that it is my talent to enjoy small things that inspires her the most. I came into her life when she almost forgot how it is to be happy with no big reasons for that and how to smile and go crazy over something barely visible.

When I was a kitten, I could have a fit of joy over a speck of dust or a tiny piece of paper. I still have them from time to time, but not every day as before. I might got spoiled a bit, I admit, but the way I enjoy life, the way I grasp every bit of it, how I ravish it hasn’t changed.

Mom says that when almost everyone around her told her she did her best but it is time to stop fighting for me, that it is time to let me go and that nature knows its way and other similar things that were supposed to make her feel better about not being able to save me, it was me who taught her not to give up. When she thought for a moment it is out of her power to help me and there is nothing else she is able to do, she looked at me and saw how much I loved living, how happy I was, how I was not feeling down even being very sick, she understood she could never give up on me.

Mom learned many things because of me: how to pray, how to ask strangers for help, how to be a vet nurse and how to not sleep for months. She even went out of her law-abiding ways and became a smuggler, a cat smuggler. She took me to Thailand and back to Cambodia several times while I was too small and too sick to have a vet passport. She had to find other, less traditional ways to get me across the border so I could get proper medical help and survive.

I reckon, this talent saved my life by reminding Mom that she is the most stubborn person in the World and can get through a concrete wall if she is motivated enough.


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