My super feet attack


What do I love more than playing hide and seek with Mom is the one thing -attempting my secret feet attack.  Mom even made me a special hiding box, knowing my love to such things. She never thought that a simple shoebox is able to bring so much fun into our lives.
I would dive under it and sit silently for long time waiting for Mom to pass by. Then I’d dart my paw out if she is close or jump out, if she is a bit further, tap her foot and hide under the triangle of a box again.
But sometimes hiding there is of no success. Somehow Mom knows I am there and she would sneak up on me from behind and grab by tiny butt. How she finds me there, I wonder. Is it some kind of mothers’ magic when she feels what I am about to? Or is she is spying on me all the time with invisible eyes on her back?


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