My face language


As you probably already know, my face is very expressive and, having had my crazy Mom as a teacher for all my life, I am very good at expressing myself with it. I have a voice too, of course. But I keep it for when Mom is not bright enough to read my face. So I have to use this means of communication pretty often as you already have guessed. But face language always comes first.
Curiosity, anger, happiness, joy, being offended, scared or grumpy, wanting to play or feeling sick, being pleased and displeased with Mom – you can see all of this clearly on my face. This language of mine can go to such subtleties that no one really believe Mom when she goes into details about it. But it is not only in Mom’s head, you know, as Mom’s little sister learned to understand me too. And for that I have recently granted her a permission to touch and even pet me when I am in the mood. So now there are 3 people in the world who have this privilege: Mom, her little sis and a man from a neighborhood shop that I befriended during this summer. For some inexplicable reason I felt like he has the right to touch me from the start.


I am so sorry that I have been silent for so long here. I have mostly moved to my Facebook page and Mom has been really busy or a long time. Hope we will be more active now.


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