My eating routine

As the only source of food I know is the Mom’s hands, I am not only picky about my food, but I also prefer her to feed me. I have a strict breakfast ritual and some important food related routines too.
In the morning I have to go for a short walk: to eat some grass or watch birds sitting on Mother’s shoulder. If the weather is not nice, checking out the corridors of our building will be fine too. It is my territory and I have to take care of it first thing before I can take care of myself.
After a walk, I am ready for my breakfast. The chicken tastes better if a bit warm, not dry (with broth) and eaten from the Mom’s hand, of course.
If Mom is away, I have no problem in eating myself, but if she is at home, I can sit beside her for a long time, asking to feed me. In such moments I become nice and tender, I rub on her feet, I sit and wait timidly when she has time to make a pause in her work and go feed me. But she better not wait for too long or I will get sad and hide behind the couch to sleep alone.
The least she can do is to sit beside me, stroking and rubbing me. But sometimes I need her to do all that and hold my chicken in her palm too, or ask me to eat several times, while I am deciding if I am going to eat right meow or 5 minutes later, or just sit near me and do nothing.
I eat several times a day by small portions. Mostly during my midday nap. I wake up every other hour, run purring to Mom and we go to get me a couple of pieces of chicken so I can sleep again till my inside alarm clock tells me to do it all over again.


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