Dieting tips not to follow

Since I am a crazy catman, I have some interesting food-related habits.

First of all, it is difficult to find what I would be interested in eating. It is mostly boiled chicken breast (of a good quality, of course, there is only one shop in our big city I will eat my chicken from), and it must be cut into pieces before cooked, not otherwise…I don’t like the texture of meat in other case and just would better stay hungry than eat it. Mom tried giving me raw meat, different kinds of meat and fish too, but I’m a poultry guy, I guess.

As for the cat food, Mom is grateful that I agreed to eat Hills for cats with gastrointestinal issues. Most cats do not like it, but I am fine with it for some reason, although I’ve rejected many other kinds of best quality cat food before. As for cans – nope, not for me either.

Lately we have discovered two types of treats I like and this helps Mom getting me home from walks as she gives me a bit of my favourite cat sausage when we are back. Mom checked everything that can be found in the city and my cousin – grandparent’s cat was happy to be getting them all, until we discovered Edelcat treats. I am not sharing them with anyone, no-no-no!


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