Mom is not very good at cleaning my litter box

I am a very clean boy since I remember my self. When I started walking, it was difficult to teach me to use my litter box, because every time I need to go, I needed a new and clean place. So Mom was running around and cleaning all corners of our apartment after me constantly. I just would not go to the litter box. After a month of daily training, her stubbornness overcame me finally and I got used to go to my litter box.

Anyway, calling it litter box is not right, because I would not accept any kind of litter too. The box must be empty, shining clean and I would even prefer it to smell like fragrant soap, and than I might use it.  So I need my box to be cleaned after every time I go there and Mom is not very good at it, you know. Even if she is home and manage to track down all my movements considering this question, she is not always meticulous enough while cleaning it. But it’s a different case with the bathtub. It is easier to clean and it is bigger.

That is why I use bathtub for everything I need: relaxing, playing, bathing and doing my toilet business too. She manages to keep the bathtub clean. But if she is not home for a long time, I still have my litter box as an emergency solution.

P.S. For those who may be interested, I will be moving my stories to my new Facebook page: Will be glad to see you all there.


3 thoughts on “Mom is not very good at cleaning my litter box

    1. I’ve tried toilet when I was just a kid. I was fascinated with it! I was spending lots of time looking into it, fishing in it. Almost drowned once…So now not too much into it. Nothing compares bathtub!))))

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