I am the pills spitting out Master!

I am getting sick rather often. My vet doctor (who is impossibly great, by the way) misses us when we don’t call him for more than a month. He calls me Skotiniaka, which means that I am the trouble manufacturer. He treats us like some kind of relatives already. And I consider him my God father, because his advise literary saved me when I was very little and he is saving my Mom’s nerves a lot since we moved to Novosibirsk.
So as a result of having such crazy health and crazy character I am not well and have to take different pills pretty often (I know I am repeating myself))).

Moreover, I have to take a double dose of vitamins every day, because if I don’t I start eating cloths to cover their insufficiency and that is dangerous…

Having more than 2 years of practice, I became a pill spitting out Master. Mom is really good at giving me medicine, so I have to create new and new ways to cheat her all the time.
I hide pills under my tongue, or between my teeth and the cheek, I even learned how to spit it out when it is being put directly in my throat… I sit still, take the capsule, wait until Mom stops rubbing my throat for me to swallow, listen to the kind words she is saying about how good I am and then spit it out.
I can go like this several times in a row. Mom tries to persuade me that taking medicine or vitamins right away will be easier for everyone, so I don’t have to go through this unpleasant event several times. But she does not understand that it became a sport to me and I am going on a record every time!


4 thoughts on “I am the pills spitting out Master!

  1. Ha ha, my cats are the same as you Ros. 😀
    I have 8 cats, so when i need to give them all a deworming pills, it is really funny job.
    But one of the cats eat pills like a treats! I give her few treats, then a pill and then more treats. I don´t think she ever realized that one of the treats was different. XD
    (I am sorry if there are mistakes, as I am not that good with english)

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    1. Hello, Alice!
      8 cats?! Wow! That is a truly difficult task to give them all pills, I believe. Unfortunately, I am too smart for my own good, as Mom says. And I can’t be tricked with treats. When Mom has learned a new trick, I have two for her)))

      Your English is good, don’t worry. I am not from an English-speaking country myself, but it became like a second language to me. And I also have mistakes;))))


  2. Our two kitties don’t like pills, either, but they’re necessary on occasion to keep little kitties healthy (your mom really does care about you). We’ll usually crush solid pills or open capsules to get the powder, mix it with a bit of water or tuna juice (to make it extra yummy), then use a syringe to squirt the medicine down their furry throats. They still aren’t happy about it, but they don’t have anything they can spit back out, and it’s usually much easier to administer and for them to swallow. That might ruin your sport, though 🙂

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    1. That is a nice way to give a medicine to a cat, yes. But I have another problem: most medicines, if liquid or crashed, make me drool hardly. Sometimes my saliva even goes in bubbles. And for a long time That’s why we use pills and Mom is trying to put them inside my throat not to touch my tongue.


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