We are a team!

As you all probably already know, my Mom and me we are a great team. We do everything together.
I wake her up every morning and Mom gives me my massage by my personal huge brush. Then I follow her to our bathroom and watch her do her toilet so I know she looks good. Only after that I take care of my own toilet.

While she is preparing our breakfasts and vitamins, I usually play, but I do not forget to remind her every 3 minutes about my morning walk. I have to hunt before I will be able to eat, I just have to at least walk out and check if everything’s fine in our building.
Not only we do this together, we also play, read, walk (several times a day!) sleep and fight every day with each other. Moreover, I control Mom’s workouts and make her have regular brakes in her workflow.
One of the most important things for us is helping each other out in our nightmares. I have them from time to time. I wish I remember what they are about. Mom says sometimes I moan as a human and she gets scared. She wakes me up tenderly every time she sees or feels me having a bad dream and I thank her with loud purring. And I am there for her too. She calls me the guardian of her dreams as she has strange dreams all the time and I am often there with her no matter where she goes. I have to take care of her no less than she has to take care of me. I guess that makes us a good team.


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