The treachery of my father

My biological father’s name is Boris. I know that, because he was our neighbor and the king of the whole neighborhood. All the male-cats around were afraid of him and all the female-cats were his wives. He’d walk out in the evening and come back in the morning with the definite signs of fighting all over his body. My Mom helped his Human to attend to him a few times when he had some serious wounds, possibly after fighting with giant Cambodian rats.

He is a big black cat with a very loud and demanding Meow. And though he is not a catman, I have several distinctive features of him like the almost bold areas near my ears.

Mom was always carefully avoiding him during our walks, but one day he followed us staying invisible under the cars that were parked in our yard. And than he jumped out at me. Mom managed to catch me and lift me up in her hands, but I got so scared that I fought her, leaving deep scratches on her arms, somehow got out of my harness and ran home in panic.

Boris followed me and attacked me several times on the way. Mom was trying to keep up, but, you know, she’s only human. It took her 2 minutes to reach our door and save me. She took me in her arms and noticed that though Boris was an experienced fighter and I am yet a 6 months kitten, he had a scratch across his face and was walking at a small distance while I was guarding our door.

Mom told Boris to get out and hurried to attend to my wounds. She cleaned only one of three of my wounds when I turned my anger and frustration on her. I was roaring and hissing and didn’t let her touch me for three days. Mom says I couldn’t sleep properly, because Boris was experienced enough to tear both of my sides and the neck. And one time she even saw me cry like a human, with tears. Only after three days of keeping Mom in terror I came to her so she could treat me.
Everything healed quickly and in the end the biggest damaged was made to my trust to the world. Since that day I hate all other cats and as the experience show, animals in general. Some are my prey, others – dangerous beasts. Only humans I consider equals and sometimes even let them try to befriend me.


4 thoughts on “The treachery of my father

    1. Yes, Boris is a serious mister. He stayed in Cambodia and Mom and me are far away now) We have other serious cats here, but we are much more careful now and I am a grown up and know how to protect myself )

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    1. Actually I didn’t do much to protect myself before I was drawn to our door. But then I fought well, I guess. Maybe there is a hope for me to befriend an animal. I was interested in one passing dog recently))) Kindly interested. That surprised both my Mom and me) As for cats – the time did not come yet)))

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