I am the Prince of Persia

My favorite game of all is when Mom is playing with me in Prince of Persia game, where I am the Prince, of course, and she is some big bad guy chasing me.
I love to dive behind the couch and attack her from behind, while she is looking for me in another direction. And I love fighting her hand searching for me behind the bed, imagining it is to be a great snake or another monster.
I love hiding from her under one of my boxes and watching her pretending not to notice me and that jumping from under it at her.
I love running around and hitting her legs by my paws, inviting her to chase me.
I don’t like but some times I have to bite her leg slightly, demanding her attention when I want to play, but she is kinda busy…I know there is nothing more important to her than me being happy, so why not just drop of everything and play with me, when I want, huh?
What are your favorite games?


2 thoughts on “I am the Prince of Persia

  1. Hello Ros I came across you via IG you are a lovely cat and clearly have some great times and travels! You look very like my next door neighbours cat who spends more time in our house than he does in theirs!! I look forward to reading more of your travelogues!

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    1. Thank you for your kind words, Anne. I spend lots of time outside for sure, even started going for some shopping with Mom to the small shop in the basement of our house. Love exploring its shelves with notebooks, pens and other staff))) The owner is very kind to me and I thank him for that being extremely friendly to him. Hope to tell more stories that will be interesting for you.

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