It is hard to be a human

It is hard to be a human. Why or why I am not a dog or a normal cat? They can do many things and be forgiven; and I have so many restrictions I am tired of. Just listen to this:
– I can’t climb a tree too high, because Ma does not trust me to go down properly. Once I’ve made a mistake of climbing to the top and falling from a small brunch. Once! I can’t be judged by one mistake till the rest of my life, can I?
– I can’t bite my Mom’s legs. She says that all the time, but I not always listen, of course. If you truly want something, it’s worth trying, right?
– I can’t go for a walk without a leash, because I have to walk my Mom. She’s chicken and afraid of everything: cats and dogs, children and cars, some humans or getting lost. So even if she lets go of the leash, I never ran too far from her. I have to look back all the time to check if she’s ok.
– I have to put up with other people staying with us from time to time and not bite, hit or yell at them. I don’t like it, but I have to do it for Mom as well.
– I have to wear clothes often. Because of the weather mostly, but still I am trying to evade it every time Mom says I need a sweater. If I want to go out, have to be dressed like everyone else, I guess.
– I have to be polite and greet people I know and like. To tell you the truth, most I just tolerate, but sometimes also greet them to make Mom happy and proud of me. I like when she says that I am a good boy and scratches my back.
-I have to understand many words, but most of all “no” and “danger”. I try to argue with Mom that I know better or that I am very curious about the thing. But she never listens. I bet that means she’s not as smart and grown up as I am.
– the worst thing of all is Mom going away all the time. I miss her even in my sleep and I tend to sleep near the door waiting for her to come back, so I can meet her and tell her how I feel right away.


One thought on “It is hard to be a human

  1. Many years down the road, you’ll look back and realize your mom only ever did what she felt was best for you. She loves you, and it’s a mom’s job to worry. It makes her happy to know you’re safe from harm in a dangerous world.. even if you are more grown up and can handle those big challenges all by yourself 🙂


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