The road so far

As I am having a break from traveling now, I guess it’s time to revise the road I’ve walked so far and to draw my personal travel map.

I was born in Siam Reap, Cambodia and spent my first year in the South-East Asia. My first trip was to the capital of Cambodia – Phnom Penh to see the doctor when I was 1 month old. Then I had to repeat this trip when I was two months.

The next trip I took was my first tour to Thailand. I had to go there illegally, because I was too small and too sick to have had a vet passport at that time. I’ve been to and back several times due to my health issues.

There was a very hard day when I finally got a vet passport in Thailand and was crossing the border officially for the first time. But I have told you about this already in the second part of the “The land of sun, the land of rain, the land of the red dust”.

The next step was leaving Asia for good. We had to stay for almost two weeks in Pattaya again to make more documents for me. And then there was my first airport where we were surviving a four hours flight delay and my first flight. Almost 8 hours from Bangkok to Novosibirsk.

Mom says that I’ve tolerated this event better than her. Siberia met us with cold spring weather. Then when the summer came, we moved to Moldova where we spent several months till coming back here to generous lands of Novosibirsk.

All for now, but not for long.


2 thoughts on “The road so far

    1. You not always choose a life to live, sometimes the life chooses you) Not I’m settling for some time, but still hope to have some more travels. I got used to new homes, new places, new territory and I love changing scenery. Even brining in a new piece of furniture makes me happy already) I need something to explore constantly, so Mom often has difficult times to keep me busy.

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