The Moldavian Summer

I’ve told you a bit about Cambodia and Thailand already, but today I’d like to tell you about the summer I’ve spent in Moldova last year.
Mom said she enjoyed various fruits and berries that are in abundance there and the steady warm weather.
What I enjoyed were long walks in the forest area near the place we were staying. And the weather too, because it did not prevent me from taking Mom out three times a day: early in the morning to meet the sunrise in the yard, in the midday to enjoy our forest walk and in the evening to check if everything’s ok on my territory.
What we both did not enjoy, however, was the amount of abandoned pets and humans attitude to them. This is a normal thing there. There are those who try to take care of them, to cure, sterilize and find homes, of course, but most of locals treat cats and dogs like cattle. And most people thought my Mom’s crazy walking a cat on a leash and considering me a family. She was hearing almost every day that she has to let me run free and live on the street as I should. And better yet, she needs get a baby right now. It will help to forget about such nonsense!
No matter how much I enjoyed the weather and the forest walks, it is a problem to find a good doctor there…and I need one pretty often. If you are in Chisinau, don’t check your luck and find Mr. Yuri, who is a vet at the zoo- he’s a real professional. The other doctor we addressed for help didn’t care about me at all, gave me medicine I didn’t need and caused an intestine bleeding…
Remember to choose your doctors really carefully, if you want to be able to take care of your humans long enough!


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