Adoption always works two ways

You know, I love my Mom dearly, but she does not understand many simple things. First of all, she thinks she adopted me, when everything was just the other way round: I’ve decided she needed me to take care of her.
She understands though that while she was saving me, I was saving her back. But she can’t grab the whole picture still: this is me, who was a savior from the beginning.
Imagine her life without me:

– she’d have no reason to wake up the moment the first ray of light hits our window and she’d surely miss many beautiful sunrises we enjoyed together;

– she wouldn’t learn how to take care of herself the way a mother should knowing  that no one is able to take care of me the way she does and that I am most definitely will parish without her;

– she’d never know how the ear of a kitten keeps forming and developing after he is born and that a kitten’s paw is more like a human hand at the beginning;

– she would keep living without knowing how to understand another being that cannot speak out and explain himself;

– she’d have no one to accept and love her totally and unconditionally when she needs it most;

– she’ll lead a life without a daily adventure and hourly challenge, life with no mystery if I kiss her or bite her the next moment;

– she would surely struggle hard in a life with no me sleeping beside her pillow guarding her dreams and being there for her in her nightmares.

There are so many things she would never know and even more joys she’d be deprived of, have I not appear in her life on that Christmas eve 2 years ago. I feel like she was calling out inside herself for the best angel to be sent to protect her, so I came.


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