Good luck – bad luck

Some people believe that black cats are bad luck. Black furry are pictured as dark magic attributes or showed in horror movies to scare the hell out of little girls. Many people grow up with a superstition to them or a fear of them.

One of such scared in her childhood girls lived in our building. When she arrived to the land of the red sand, she was afraid of black cats so much that couldn’t even come close to them. But she was fortunate enough to have my biological father Boris living next door to her and me, living one floor up. And she watched my Mom and me walking outside every day and we bumped into each other pretty often. So basically she had no chance, but to fall in love with black cats. And that she did soon.

After several months we were frequent visitors at her place during our walks, I greeted her every time if we met outside and was even happy to see her at my place. She was the only one who I’d finally started purring to. And I shocked my Mom, when our neighbor picked me in her arms one time and I didn’t try to kill her or run away. Since that no one survived even trying to touch me.

In many Asian countries, black cats are considered to bring good luck. The best option is a totally black cat with no spots of other colours. It is known as protector from evil spirits and a family guardian. And if a black cat is crossing your path it is only to show you that your way is clear and nothing bad is expecting you around the corner.

I am not sure if I brought our neighbor good luck, but I brought her good emotions for sure. As for my Mom, she says I am not only her individual boy, I am her personal good luck too. But you know what? I am trying to share my luck with others too, when Mom’s not looking.


2 thoughts on “Good luck – bad luck

  1. I was always told it might be bad luck to have a black cat cross your path, but it’s very good luck to own a black cat (or to have a black cat own you). My mom had a black cat – a beautiful long-hair: Phoebe – and she was the sweetest. I certainly felt our household was well-protected with her on the prowl :3


    1. I believe that colour of a somebody’s fur or hair can reflect their character in some way, but it can never be a bad luck to somebody else. Mostly it is a bad or good luck to the owner of the fur or hair))

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