Watch the hands. Always watch the hands.

I reckon that the most important part of any human is his hands. So every time I meet someone, I like to check his feet, of course, but hands is a MUST. Feet are deceptive. Always check the hands before deciding who is in front of you.

Some people think that when I come to check their hands, it means I am hungry. And they are wrong. I am not interested in what they eat. I have my own very strict diet! And others think that they are free to touch me, when I stretch myself to touch and sniff their hands. Well, they are also wrong! I have to check them, but there are the only hands that are allowed (and even they are not always welcome) to touch me. It’s my Mom’s hands.

Those hands have nurtured me, those hands can take away my pain, support me, while I am climbing the tree or hold me when I don’t want to get my feet wet outside, that play with me every day, and I love those hands. However, those are the same hands that can lecture me on my behavior, by putting one of their finger to my nose, that can take me away from the street, while I am not yet ready to go back home, that can reach me whenever I am hiding and give me numerous medicine, and those hands I hate.

Love and hate switch places rapidly sometimes and I can bite and chew on the hand I loved a second ago. And I just can’t control these urges, I can’t! Mom knows it and forgives me every time. Even when she has some deep scratches and even bites.

And her hands always smell good, you know. I remember this smell from my first days. When I could not yet see, I could find her by this sweet smell and bite her finger to let her know I am hungry. I was thinking that fingers contain milk, you know. Because they were feeding me and caressing me. When I was small, Mom’s hands were the whole world to me. And though I’ve grown up and now I can appreciate Mom in the whole, her hands are the most valuable part to me. And I still love it when she feeds me from her hands.

So remember, always watch the hands! They are the essence of a person.


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