Toilet disaster

The thing is: I love bathrooms. I love to watch the water drops, running down the walls after shower; sometimes I hide in a safe place behind the linen-basket and watch Mom taking shower as well, catching the boldest water squirts and helping the flows to go at the right direction. I love playing in the bathtub now: I can spend an hour there with my toys – a torn former Mom’s hair band for example. And I enjoy bringing my stuff and trying to get in under my litter-box. It’s my safe-place for my treasures.

When I was little, I would bring everything to our bathroom. There was no bathtub, as is common in Asia, and I had a plenty of room to play with plastic bags, with my towel, toys and even a blanket.

But what I loved most in the bathroom those days, was a toilet. Yes-yes, a toilet sink. I was fascinated with it! It was all bright and shining and full of water. I was circling around the toilet seat and tried to touch the water inside the toilet. But it was deep and water was far from the reach of my tiny paws. Even having long legs didn’t help. I could not touch it and it was driving me mad!

For some time Mom even kept the cover closed to protect me. But then I seemed to have passed my obsession with it and she was closing it only when going away.

One day, when she was cooking something what I don’t eat (and don’t understand how Mom and Step-Dad eat it also!), I went to bathroom to play and climbed up to the toilet seat to watch the water. When I saw it, I couldn’t stop the urge to touch it, so I bent forward and stretched my paws as far as I could. And then Mom heard a splash and had to run to save me. Once again. The toilet was very deep for a little kitten and only my nose and ears were above the water.

She took me out, washed with a fragrant soap and dried with my favorite blanket. Then she closed the toilet cover for a long time. This mishap didn’t really changed my attitude to toilets. I was sleeping on the closed cover and trying to catch a moment when it was closed to watch the water. Still, I am far more careful with it since that day. Now, having traveled and after meeting many different toilets, I may say that not all of them are as interesting as the first one. Unfortunately the one we have now wakes up no curiosity in me at all.


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