The brother I have never met

If you remember, I told you that the man, who saved me, saved one more kitten – my brother and he adopted him then. When I got very sick for the first time, Mom decided to go and check on my brother – she thought that maybe a cat-mom left us for some reason, that we had some sickness from the beginning.

When the neighbor opened the door, she saw almost same picture as one could see in our apartment: a dedicated parent with a bottle of milk in his hands and a box-home for a baby, and every inch of the small space subjugated for the needs of a furry baby. My savior said “Shshshsh”, because my brother was asleep. Mom didn’t have a chance to see him. But he was ok, he was fine, not sick at all. And she came back to me, more determined than ever to help me grow stronger.

We were fighting and fighting for my life: sometimes she was almost ready to give up, sometimes I…but never two of as at the same time. Somewhere between our trip to Phnom Penh and Thailand, Mom met the neighbor on the way home. He was very sad and his face was dark. Mom was shocked to him that way, because he was always very bright and smiling before.

Mom asked him what happened. It was difficult for them to understand each other, because he didn’t speak English and she spoke neither Korean, nor Khmer. But she managed to understand that my brother, I had no chance to meet yet, died. It was an accident. And his human father was devastated.

Mom invited him in to see me. He came, took me gently in his hands and told me something in his language. Mom says she’ll never forget his face at that moment. It was full of pain. And hope. And one doesn’t need to speak many languages to understand what he told me that day. I believe his wishes helped me to stay strong and cling to life even harder than before.

When we came back from Thailand, during one of our daily walks we met our neighbor again. He was very glad to see us. And we were happy to see him almost as bright as before. In a moment we saw why his spirits came back to him. His wife came to him from Korea. She was tall and beautiful. One of the most beautiful Asian women we have even seen.

Sadly we didn’t see much of them after that. And in a couple of month they left. I don’t know if they moved to another building or went back to their home-country, but I am sending them all of best wishes possible regularly. And I hope they will have many kids, furry or no, – they would make wonderful parents.


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