All balls go to Narnia.

We talked about me being a football star already and about how I am fascinated about my toy balls. There is one more thing concerning them I want to tell you about…Narnia. It’s taking my balls away from me regularly!

There are times, of course, when I hide them from Mom myself, but then I know where my balls are and can take them out, as if magician taking a rabbit out of his hat, at any time. But some days my favorite (and I would like to underline it – FAVORITE) balls disappear to nowhere. And we can’t find them no matter how hard we look.

I check every place we come to live in carefully: I leave no door unopened, no spot untouched and no mystery undiscovered. Except this one: where do my balls go? So I bet, they go to Narnia. Why? Because where else would one go from a locked apartment? I would go there definitely, if I were a ball. Where would you go?

Well, it happens that some balls are coming back from it after a couple of months missing. One day it was nowhere and the other day it’s back in the most unpredictable, but easily accessed place!  I guess they are coming back to tell me something and I am listening to them. For two years now I am listening to silence. Maybe they communicate by other means, like telepathy? I don’t know. But I believe that one day I will figure out the way to get myself to Narnia! I will take Mom with me, but I’m still not sure about my Step-Dad. What do you think: shall I take him with us to Narnia or not?


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