The land of smiles and good vet doctors_part 2

To tell you the truth I liked Thailand. Well, I saw little of it due to my sickness and lack of vaccination. Mom was afraid to take me out for my everyday walks, because feline leukemia and HIV are widely spread there. But I made her anyway. In the place where we lived in the north of Pattaya, there were lots of sparrows. So small and right behind my window. They liked to sit on the window bar outside driving me crazy.

Usually, no matter where we are, I wake up together with the sun. The sun comes up and I go to wake my Mom, weather she likes it or not. But here, in Thailand, birds are starting singing even before the sunrise. So I couldn’t sleep since early morning, trying to break away from the room and go hunting. I would wake my Mom and demand to go out, but she would repeat day after day that she won’t go with me for a walk, while there’s still night outside. The dogs usually were running around till the very morning and it was dangerous.

Also there was no place to walk. The house was surrounded by road and there were cars driving around regularly, and huge tourist buses used to park almost every night right outside of out cozy place. So Mom had to be very careful taking me outside. She was looking for dogs, cars, people and me not to eat any trash from the ground as I like to do (I can’t stop myself, even if I try hard! Everything outside looks so interesting and alive, so I attack tiny stones and dirt pieces and take it rapidly in my mouth as if it is a gecko trying run away).

I was constantly trying to open not only our door, but the windows as well, and one time I managed to do it! Mom opened it to get some fresh air and closed it not tight enough after that, leaving a couple of millimeters for me to stick my claw in and open it wider. I was fast. I jumped up and was going to jump down from the second floor to where the birds were chirping. But Mom was also fast. She jumped from the bed, where she laid reading and caught my back legs. She moved like an American football player.  I guess I am a football superstar not without a reason.

Mom would gladly keep me inside all the time. But, you know, I can be very convincing when I need something. And I NEED my daily walks! I NEED hunting and checking out my territory (which grows wider and wider with every walk, by the way) Two times a day minimum. Even it is Siberian winter outside. But this is another story. And I will tell it another day.


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