A football superstar

I was born a football player, I guess. The moment I saw my first ball, everything was clear to me.

I love my balls even more than my blankets: catching the ball, passing the ball, beating it off and carrying it in my mouth. The sweetest part of a football game for me is catching the little runaways. There are times, when the ball is wriggling and swirling from under my paws and evading my teeth, oh, beautiful times like this! And even more beautiful moments when I finally catch it and sink my claws and fangs in it!

I like to play with my Mom, and often ask her to throw me the ball. But to tell you the truth, even this simple task is difficult for this sad sack. As I am graceful and handsome, she is awkward and clumsy. And she is always losing the ball! She calls it the ball circle, can you imagine? Because of her being so inattentive, I am having two to three balls simultaneously and still have to help her find them all the time. And I need to play the ball every day! How am I to hold on to my superstar status without a daily practice?

Moreover, there is one more reason not to lose any of my favorite balls: not all balls are the same! I am very careful about choosing which ball to play with. They may look similar and even smell similar, but the weight and the softness are crucial too. Well, some of them I don’t like for no reason at all. They look not as good as I like, perhaps.

Now you know that balls are a very important part of my life. When there is no ball around and Mom can’t find one of them (sometimes I hid them well for her to be busy with something), my behavior loses its decency and I demand more and more attention and many walks outside. There are days (like today, for example), when I can’t stand Mom sitting behind this thing and watching into the shiny monitor. I understand why she likes it, it’s warm and I like sitting close to it too, but….BUT there are much more important things for her to do, than just sit and do nothing! Right am I?

Will go tear some wallpaper off the wall for her to acknowledge my rightful demands! This is my last choice weapon, but I reckon I have to use it now. Talk to you later!


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