The land of smiles and good vet doctors_part 1

When I discovered Thailand for the first time I was dying. Again. I can clearly understand that you are tired of reading about me trying to die. Imagine how tired of it I was.

The winter in Cambodia was coming to an end when I managed to catch a cold. Mom heard that I was wheezing at night and took me to Phnom Penh again. That time another doctor met as. She was very young. Mom told her that I seem to have bronchitis. The doctor listened to me, heard nothing and said I was fine. Mom made her make an X-ray and then she saw my bronchitis! To cut the long story short, the treatment this doctor proscribed me didn’t work. I started vomiting from the antibiotics, she insisted on continuing it, Mom changed it the next day, but anyway, the dose the doctor said to give me was too small and the disease was progressing. When Mom was calling her for advice, she said, that if I am eating and playing – everything’s fine. But when I became worse, the young doctor said that anyway, she has nothing else to offer, I am getting all the necessary treatment anyway.

Mom found one more vet doctor in Siberia by her relative’s recommendation and wrote to her, explaining the situation. And Natalia responded. She is my fairy godmother, I believe. She was online for us day and night, telling Mom what to check and what human medicine can help me. But it was difficult to tell how bad my situation was without blood analyses and another x-ray. Then Mom noticed that my breathing pattern changed, Natalia said it may be a pulmonary edema. So Mom gathered her wits, bought hormone shots to help me breathe and took me to Thailand, Pattaya, where she knew a nice doctor.

I was too small at that time – not even 3 months yet and I had no vet passport, of course. So she had to ask some Cambodian friends to hide me in the bag and carry me across the border. We are very thankful to you, guys! And I said “thank you” to Russian tourists that were our companions in our multiple trips afterwards already, but I have a special thank you to that first group.

I am a very lucky kid. And I got lucky that time as well. The breathing problems grew stronger on the way and I needed to get a shot. But Mom was so nervous with the whole situation, that her hands were shaking and she was afraid she could not do it. She asked the driver to stop for a minute and ask if there was someone who could help us. One lady happened to have an experience in giving her cat regular shots, so she helped us. Thank you and I hope your cat is fine and will never get sick again!

Finally, when we came to Pattaya and doctors made an X-Ray, they confirmed that my fairy-doctor was right and said I had a 50% chance to survive. But when they saw the drug scheme I was treated accordingly, they gave me several chances extra and I used them properly.

The time of analyses, doctors and never-ending treatments came. Mom became a nurse-robot. Our Thai doctor consulted her during daytime and Natalia during the night.

And by the combined effort of those people I survived. As my fairy godmother said, they’ve pulled me from the other side by the end of my tail. I guess, that is one more reason to love my crocked little tail so much. Be it straight, so many people could not hold on it simultaneously.


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