A mother’s song

My Mom cannot sing. And I mean it. She has no voice. Still she rhymes something all the time, coming up with new covers of old-time songs or creating something new on the spot. It looks weird (and sounds weird too, believe me!) when she suddenly stops and starts singing something wild. But…there is a huge but to it. I love her songs most of all other sounds, a one particular song, actually. Yes, even the gecko’s clip-clop is outshined by it.

This song came to her out of nowhere, when the mystery of the two paws in the kitten’s mouth happened. She could not find another way to help me, so she started singing, while holding me in her hands, trying to take away the pain. She sang that she is right beside me, that I have nothing to be scared of, because my mother will protect me. And the miracle happened. I was lulled and was calm all the way to Phnom Penh.

Since that time Mom uses it to help me to cool down, while I’m afraid or nervous, and even when I am having a bad dream. Mom just needs to sing it softly, and all my worries go away.

I wish I also had a song to comfort her, when she is upset. I always feel it, I come to walk around her, rubbing my back against her legs; I look into her face and try to ask what happened. I guess it helps a bit, but I still need to work on my lullaby song for it to be as effective as hers.

I am doing much better with my love song, though! Oh, I’ve learned to show her how I love her: I do massage, I purr and I kiss her ear, when she comes home and sometimes her neck, when I want her to forget about everyone else, even my Step-Dad! I even let her take me on her knees, when I am in a cuddling mood.

She says she loves me more than anyone, but I can see that she loves my Step-Dad deeply as well, and it makes me angry every time. The World is cruel! Why can’t she be mine and mine only? Agrh! I will go and ask her to sing for me now. Bye-bye.


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