I love my blanket

Yes-yes, your eyes are not fooling you: I love my blanket! First of all, it is soft, second – it is warm, and third – it is TASTY!

It is so cool to take it down from the bed and attack it, imagining it is my enemy or a bird (oh, little birdies…); or bite and chew it, drawing out the sweetest threads; or drag it around the apartment as if it is my prey; or to tear it with my claws and kick it with my legs and it won’t scream, like my Mom in such cases, who would squeak or scream in a crazy voice: Help me, help me, a wolverine attacked me!.. Crazy lady.

When I was a kid, I had a pink blanket and a yellow soft towel in my disposal. Now I am much richer. I have two jackets – they are my traveling covers. Mom puts them into my box and me inside, but I would always get out of it to see everything better. And when we are not raveling, I can take them whenever I want to chew a little, well, sometimes a lot.

Moreover, I am the owner of my personal small jackets that I wear on the street: the thin one, the warm one and the one I hate. Mom says, it’s the best one – it was knitted for me. It covers my back totally and even has a hood to hide my ears from the cold, but I hate it! It’s too thick and I can’t move freely in it. So every time I have to wear it, I lose half of the pleasure of any adventure we run into.

And I have a new blanket, it’s same as my old pink one, but green. I use it as a hammock mostly. It covers my armchair and I can hide under it, if I want some privacy or lay on it. It gives me the feeling that Mom is holding me from all the sides simultaneously. I love it almost as much as my read and white shawl.

Mom would say that it is her shawl, of course. She always claims the best things I have. But it chose me! It lays everywhere I want to sleep, honestly! Lately it is following me around and covering me in my sleep by its own will. We have our favorite spot on a windowsill, where we sleep together and my shawl is giving me warmth and coziness I love so much. Mom even started to get jealous of it; she says I love it more than her: I sleep with my shawl day and night, and I don’t even chew it.

Don’t worry Mom, blankets come and go, apartments and the view behind the window are changing, even countries we stay in are different, but the one thing is matters – we stay together. And, all right – all right, I might come to sleep beside you tonight.


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