The land of sun, the land of rain, the land of the red dust_part 1


Today I want to tell you a bit about my home country. Cambodia is a very controversial country. It is warm and beautiful, it has a fascinating history and architecture, it gives you lots of fruits and veggies whole year round. But what if you are a cat here? Well, what if you are considered to be cat and you are living in Cambodia? Then you shall meet some difficulties and adventures.

The good thing is that you can have a walk outside every day, except for the rainy days. But even then you can go out and sit on the porch, watching the World living, breathing in the spirit of nature and daydreaming. If you compare it to Siberia, where I am spending this winter, you would find Cambodia a very cozy and a truly wonderful place.

However, if you are lucky enough to meet huge local rats a size of yourself, that would change your point of view somehow, I believe. It changed mine for sure. Thai rats are almost same big, but Cambodia rats are much more severe and bold. They are not afraid even of the full-sized humans, not to mention me. Mom says that she has seen a bigger rat only once, about ten years ago in Moscow. That dog-sized monstrous creature was hunting in the night, scaring off people and killing the romantic mood of couples that wondered around the sleepy city.

The other good thing is geckos, of course. I can’t tell you how much I miss those tiny swishers. I wish they lived all around the world. And I miss grasshoppers too, but not so much. They do not swish, have no tail and jump to high.

What I don’t miss is people trying to touch me all the time. Hate it. I grew up to be a sociopath because of it. Every time we would go somewhere, locals, barangs and tourists would come to talk to my Mom and try to touch me. Who am I, why am I not running away, why am I wearing a leash, why did she bring me to Asia…well, many-many questions. One lady even asked her “Is it a cat” for like eight or ten times in a row, as if she could not believe her eyes. As I said, people in Cambodia do not tend to have pets and I guess she was wondering why my Mom would have me and take care of me.

But the most strange thing is why…WHY would everyone smile at me and try to touch me, when so many of my brothers and sisters were running around on the streets. Just pick one, take it home, clean it, feed it and you will see how dazzlingly beautiful it is. Why being on someone’s arms changes so much?

And one more question: why would so many people not listen, when asked not to touch me? I am sorry that I had to bite you, but Mom warned you by human speech, I warned you by growling, but you would still try to do it…

Nonetheless, there were some people among Russian tourists, who we joined many times on the way to see my doctor in Thailand and back. They encouraged us, told many sweet stories about their cats and dogs, and helped us, when we needed it. Thank you, people!


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