Seeing and believing

I remember this moment. I think I will never forget it. Just one second I was blind and the other began to see. And it was like:  “Whoa! I guess, I see something. Mom! Is that you? I can smell you. Why are you so big and so ugly? Yayaks!” But the longer I looked at her, the more I liked this creepy giant.

Very soon I found her size an advantage, as she is fun to climb and she can carry me around fast. And moreover, I like the view from upstairs, so sometimes just sit on her back and watch her cook or do some other staff.

But unfortunately her size is of no help when it comes to hunting geckos. She tried to help me many times, but in all in vain! I smell a treachery here, you know. Geckos are more important to her than my happiness! Well, maybe these tiny little lizards are just too fast. But sometimes I am faster, and I’m getting the twitching sweet tail.

Opening my eyes was a blessing and a disaster at the same time. I saw the world around me and it was so interesting, so I’ve started scrupulously studying it. Well, two years passed and I’m still busy with that… I am a true explorer, I am never satisfied. I need to expand my territory more and more, and more, and I plan too make it the whole world one day. Maybe today is the day, hah, Pinky? Uahahahaha…

Well, let’s get back on the track. At first I thought that the world is our small flat. Then I found out that Mom and Step-Dad are leaving it through the entrance door, and I was itching to know what is behind it.

I’ve spent many hours digging my way out before I understood that you can’t dig tile. Then I’ve started trying to convince my Mom to take me with her. This appeared to be the best strategy ever. Mom is soft-hearted, and with a bit of persistence I can do whatever I want with her.

And there came a day, when I finally got to the other side of that stubborn door and had my first peep of the big world outside our personal smaller world. But that is a different story. I will come back to my street adventures later, I promise.


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