Saving private Rosomakha

Internet is a powerful thing and it was saving my life for several days. Internet, my Mom’s stubbornness and my Step-Dad’s creativity, to be exact. My digestion was not working ( I could eat, but I could not poop) and I was changing from being a very active and strong wolverine cub to a rag doll within minutes. And every time my parents managed to find a way to bring me back in the line.

Mom forgot how to sleep, learned how to pray and made her first steps in becoming a half-veterinarian then.

Then came a moment where an avalanche of information could not help anymore, we needed experience and we found it. Mom remembered about the vet doctor in Novosibirsk she used to go with to her dogs before leaving Russia. He is a very rare combination of analytical mind, talent and a great soul. She managed to find his phone number and he gave us the solution. Five tiny enemas a day gave me blue bottom, bold peeling legs and my life back.

I was unable to poop myself for several months after that and I still have a sensitive stomach, but still, it was a definite victory!

Even being sick, I was growing all this time and by the end of the week I’ve opened my eyes. At that time I looked like a total alien. And no one, except my Mom considered me cute. I don’t really know why she came to love so much. I guess, she doesn’t know also, but she never gave up on me, even when it seemed like I had no chance.

Well, she still needed a lot to learn, so I’ve prepared lots of tests for her to pass.


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