The beginning

Hi, my name is Rosomakha! I guess, you might have taken me for a cat, but you are mistaken. My looks are very treacherous. My Mom says that I am a cat-dog-monkey-boy. But you know, sometimes she also says that I am a squirrel and that she is a cat, so you can see that there is no way one can trust her judgment. Moreover, I know exactly who I am. I am Ros and I am a human. And here is my story.

I was born in the highlands of Scotland…oh, sorry, wrong story.

Here we go again.  I was born under the boat-like moon of Cambodia. My birth-mom was a stray cat. Well, there are almost no pets in this country. Most of cats and dogs are homeless there, and are desperately struggling to survive. My biological father is very lucky – he had a home and a human to take care of him. His name is Boris and he is still the most zealous and dedicated fighter in the whole neighborhood. All the cat-ladies are his, of course. So was my birth-mom.

There were seven of us. But considering the situation, my cat-mother (unfortunately I had no chance to get to know even her name) abandoned four of us. Having not enough food, she was not able to feed us all. She just brought us to one of many rooftops and left to die.

Luckily enough, humans found us. It was too late for two of my brothers, but still, two more of us desperately grasped the chance. My Mom lived in the building that stood next to where we were trying to find our ways to stay alive. And that morning she heard strange sounds, as if little birds were singing. Now she would never mix these sounds with any other in the whole Universe, but then she didn’t get at first what it was. When she and my Step-Dad saw us, they thought that four kittens could not be left alone, that the cat-mom will come back soon. But she didn’t.

A little bit later, when humans understood what was going on, they’ve started a campaign of saving us. My Mom’s neighbor, a very nice Korean man, risked his life to fetch me, after creating a strange tool to pick up the rest of the cubs. I stayed away from the sun, in the corner of the rooftop, and was visible only from the upper floor and my Mom noticed me – a tiny black creature, which looked like a furry coma. She tried to reach the roof, but as it is common in Cambodia, this rooftop had no entrances or exists, and the only choice was to somehow cross the space between the buildings and to get me. While my Mom was trying to find another way, the neighbor found a ladder and put it between his balcony and our roof; he used it as a footpath between life and death and brought me to my Mom’s hands.

That day I found my real family. And though my cat-mother gave me birth, I consider her a messenger. She brought me to life and to my real Mom, with the help of our Korean friend, of course, who adopted my brother, the second one to survive.



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